My Childhood.

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    Here it goes, my first post in english.
I was already in bed when I started to think about my childhood. And then, I decided to write.
I grew up in a condominium, so I didn't have the common childhood that almost every kid used to have: playing on the streets, falling from trees and hurting knees. I played with dolls and invented games to play inside the condominium, then I grew up and those kids started to play outside, but I didn't. I started to stick in animes/cartoons, in my neighbor - who has a disability - and her dogs, in dancing at school, in watching grandma sewing clothes almost everyday and spending her time and money to help people - family or not... And I used to pray to rain on swimming classes days too.
I used to watch CardCaptors Sakura every morning, to sell Digimon's drawings for 10 cents each one at school and to have a chush on the same guy that my best friend had.
When I was a little older and mom finally allows me going outside, I began to help taking care of the dogs, to perform Spice Girls at school, what made me a little popular, and to fall in love with stupid guys.
Later, a friend younger than me got pregnant at 12 and the rest of my innocence went away. The teenage years came,  I began to party hidden from my mom and kept falling for stupid guys.
Some day I truly met the God's goodness, started dancing in church, stopped falling for stupid guys and found the hardest and most amazing way to live life.
Now, my biggest passion is dancing, I'm an animal lover, I design clothes for fun and I've tried to help anyone who needs.

Writting about my childhood, I can see that my past made who I am.
And, you know, I'm kinda proud of it.

My english isn't that good, but I think the text is ok.

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